Indemnity, Dental, Vision, Hearing


Medicare Advantage may offer Dental, Vision and Hearing Benefits

Dental health is strongly tied to your overall health. Medicare does not offer dental vision or hearing benefits. Health plans with additional benefits can help you take care of your overall health and well-being. Many people are choosing a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan instead of Original Medicare. MA plans include all of what is covered by Original Medicare and often include extra coverage for routine vision, hearing and dental services. In fact, about 90 percent of Medicare Advantage plans include at least one of these benefits, and more than half include all three.

Individual Dental Insurance

Plans typically cover preventive and basic dental care and benefits vary by plan. Additionally, other benefits ( extractions, fillings, etc.) depend on the specific plan.

It also allows the member to upgrade to a more robust plan in the future if more benefits are desired. Plans may have deductibles and limits – varies by plan. Premiums vary by plan. Some plans have in-network and out-of-network benefits, providing flexibility to members.

Dental Discount

For individuals who want some savings in dental care, but don’t want to invest in dental insurance. Helps individual have limited savings when they need dental services. Low premiums, but discounts only available with in-network providers.