Medicare Options


Medicare Advantage Provider in Gurnee, IL

When you need affordable Medicare insurance for your healthcare needs, Senior Medicare Solutions is here to help. We offer a range of Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Part C plans) for our customers, and these are some of the best options when it comes to Medicare. Our office is located in Waukegan, IL, but we serve all of the surrounding areas, including Gurnee, IL.

What Is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare comes in different plans or parts, and each plan covers different aspects of healthcare. Part A, for example, covers hospital bills. Medicare Advantage combines different coverages from the other plans to give you the most comprehensive medical insurance coverage possible. Think of Part C as a bundle plan. So you get some Part A coverage, some Part B coverage, and even some Part D coverage.

This means that you can get the hospital insurance you need, the medical insurance you need, and some of the prescription drug coverage you need as well. Plans also range in the type of covered healthcare. For example, many Medicare Advantage plans cover vision, dental, hearing, and even fitness programs.

The coverage and the cost of these Part C plans differ depending on your situation and your needs. So when you come into Senior Medicare Solutions, we’ll help you find the perfect plan for you. Our professionals will discuss the pros and cons of each insurance option so that you can make an educated decision.


Why Come to Us?

Senior Medicare Solutions is an independent, locally owned Medicare Advantage provider. That means that we’re completely dedicated to our clients, not to money. We will always be honest, open, and straightforward with you so that you feel comfortable and well-informed about your Medicare options.

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